Erotica Book Club for Nice Ladies

Erotica Book Club for Nice Ladies

Author: Connie Spittler

An intriguing page turner and fantastical romantic mystery with memorable characters. Lily, a librarian with her own bookmobile, arrives in the small California town of Nolan to help start a book club for two women; the pretty young owner of the beauty shop and an old gypsy woman who grows unusual plants. Across the ocean in an Alsatian chateau, an ancient 'Book of Cures' is stolen and surreptitiously travels to a California coast library, then on to Nolan. Unaware of the theft, the club members secretly pursue their curiosity about classical erotica, while sipping a strange tea infused with herbs grown in the gypsy’s garden. Soon, the townsfolk wonder about the secret club and suspicion swirls around the three lonely women. Mysterious events collide, a crime wave and a murder shake up the area. The handsome detective tracking the stolen volume arrives, as the women become entangled deeper and deeper in a baffling and increasingly dangerous puzzle. Winner of the 2016 Eudora Welty Memorial Fiction Award. This quirky mystery is the first in a series; a discussion guide for book clubs is included

Publisher: River Junction Press LLC

312 pages, 6 x 9

Paperback: $15.95

e-Books: $7.99

Publication date: May, 2015

ISBN: 978-0-9914093-6-5 

Distributor: BCH Fulfillment & Distribution,

FICTION: Mystery & Detective/ Women Sleuths (BISAC1)

FICTION: Contemporary Women (BISAC 2)