Cian From the Philippines

Cian From the Philippines

Author: Mary Duda

Visit Cian, a six-year-old boy living in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. Color photographs portray daily life.  See his home, meet his extended family, and visit his school and his cousin’s school. Cian’s homework is given with English and Tagalog words. Traditional Filipino dress costumes are shown. Cian and his friends go to an amusement park and play a game with flip-flop sandals. The family visits a beach and Chinatown. Street scenes show a Filipino jeepney and passenger tricycle. Cian visits the old Spanish Fort Santiago and a modern illusionist museum. An illusion shows a tiny Cian and his mother seated on a chair next to his life-size cousin. The illusion is explained on the Kids Around the Globe website. Interactive word games, downloadable maps to color, and videos of school traditional culture events are available on website. Glossary of Filipino words used in the text; maps of the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and the world; and a teacher’s guide. Lexile level 810L, Grade 5, Interest level K-5. Second book in the Kids Around the Globe series.  Photos supplied by SCOLA a non-profit educational organization for foreign languages.

Publisher: River Junction Press LLC

40 pages, 7 x 10, 43 color photos, 1 illustration, 3 maps

Hardcover: $16.95

Paperback: $10.95


Publication date: April, 2018

ISBN:  978-0-9986598-0-0 (Hardcover)

ISBN:  978-0-9986598-1-7 (Paperback)

Distributor: BCH Fulfillment & Distribution,

Glossary of Tagalog words

Teacher's Guide

Videos, interactive games, downloadable maps on website

Lexile Level 810L,  Guided Reading Level O, Interest Level K-5 

JUVENILE NONFICTION: Biography & Autobiography/Cultural Heritage (BISAC 1)

JUVENILE NONFICTION/ People & Places/ Asia (BISAC 2)