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River Junction Press LLC is based in Omaha, Nebraska. Publisher Kira Gale is one of the authors published by her company. Each author has a unique vision. RJP provides custom service, quality printing, and trade distribution for its authors.

Our Story

I  began writing local history booklets and newsletters in the 1990's. Fascinated by the early history of the American West, I  published my first book,  Lewis and Clark Road Trips in 2oo6. Library Journal called it "outstanding" and recommended it  "for all travel collections". It featured over 800 history destinations, coast to coast. A second edition is planned for 2019, which will launch a new series called American History Road Trips.

For the last ten years I have focused on the mysterious death of Meriwether Lewis. In 2009 I published The Death of Meriwether Lewis, co-authored with James E. Starrs. A second "New Evidence" edition was published in 2012. I appeared on C-Span Book TV and the History Channel during this time. My biography, Meriwether Lewis: The Assassination of an American Hero and the Silver Mines of Mexico was published in 2015.  In May, 2018, Fifty Documents Related to the Assassination of Meriwether Lewis will be published. I plan to podcast and blog on this topic throughout 2018.

Despite researching and writing my own books, I have published  other authors. They all wanted what RJP provides, and I am proud to have helped them accomplish their goals. If you are interested in being published by River Junction Press, please feel free to contact me.

Kira Gale

Meet Our Authors

Leo Adam Biga

Leo Biga  is an author, journalist, and blogger  who writes about people--their passions and magnificent obsessions.His insightful profiles appear regularly in publications in the Omaha area and are deeply appreciated. His own passions include watching and reviewing American films, including many old films available on the internet.


Mary Duda

Mary is a first generation Chinese American. She reads to second and third graders in low income Omaha public schools in a monthly program sponsored by her church. By the end of two years, each child has received copies of the 18 books which have been read to them.  She is the author of the Kids Around the Globe series.



Connie Spittler

Connie Spittler and her husband Bob owned a national film and video production company in Omaha. In their retirement they moved to Tucson, where she began a second career as a writer. Since moving back to Omaha, she has discovered the delights of writing literary fiction. Her writing has appeared in over 25 anthologies and received numerous awards.